Wind tunnel

Umbrellas in windtunnel tested

The Umbrella with the red dot in the "actual" wind tunnel test.

All our models are extremely stable and durable thanks to the ingenious mix of materials. In order to be able to offer optimum flexibility, all our products are tested in the wind tunnel. In addition to the reliability of our umbrellas, durability plays an important role in umbrella models due to the optimal selection of materials and the ability to strain by avoiding recycled plastics. Also, from the aspect of safety, the rounded umbrella tips are a wonderful addition. All Knirps products are highly recognizable and have a distinctive design.

Special attention is paid to the new T&S-Series from Knirps. In addition to the use of high quality materials,
the T&S-Series stands for excellent technology, offering a minimalistic design and the highest demands
on processing and function - as you would expect from the brand with the red dot.

 Knirps T.Series


Our quality assurance system puts our products to the acid test with great accuracy, so that you as
a customer can use our umbrellas day after day without any problems. Your trust is our highest commitment
to drive our engagement for innovation, perfection and sustainability.

Knirps Pocket Umbrellas T.050 Medium Manual


Knirps Pocket Umbrella T.100 Duomatic


Knirps Pocket Umbrellas T.200 Duomatic


Knirps Pocket Umbrellas E.200 Duomatic

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