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Oh , how lovely it is to feel those rays of sunshine warming your skin. The mild breezes of a sunny day in May. Spring has finally come again, spreading warmth and joy! And with it comes the desire to spend as much time out in the fresh air as you can. Your balcony would be the ideal place – if only it could shake off its winter blues. The cold temperatures and piles of snow have probably done a number on your little piece of the outdoors. It’s dying for some refreshment!

With these tips, you’ll have a cosy outdoor space – which also means more living space – in a snap:


1. Wood floor and outdoor rugs

Many balconies have concrete floors, which aren’t especially beautiful, comfortable or charming. To spruce them up, we recommend wood planks or outdoor rugs. For a rented apartment, a pretty rug is definitely the best solution because it’s so easy to remove when you move out. If you own your apartment, you can use planks of wood to create a floor that looks much more like home. With just a little skill, you can tackle it as a DIY project.


2. Flowerpots and herb troughs

Flowers give balconies colour, cheer and a lively feel. An abundance of plants can transform the most austere balcony into a lush urban oasis. They not only look attractive, they also shield you from the glances of nosy neighbours or passers-by. Delicious herbs look at least as nice and help you out in the kitchen, too – urban gardening par excellence!


3. Comfortable furniture

The more comfortable your furniture is, the more you’ll enjoy spending time on your balcony. Lounge furniture can hardly be beat for comfort, but it’s usually too big for the space. Practical folding chairs and stools are a mainstay of balconies, but they don’t offer a truly comfortable place to sit. Tip: Soft cushions and cosy blankets are a flattering addition to even the hardest chairs.


4. Stylish shade providers

A tasteful sunshade like those from the Knirps company can also help your balcony feel like a classy living space. It not only does a practical job of providing shade, it’s also a stylish eyecatcher thanks to its chic design. When choosing the right sunshade, it’s important to consider the specifications of your balcony. If you have enough space, get the classic shade with a centre pole. If space is scarce, go for a variable hanging shade. These sunshades have a standing pole on the side to save valuable space, so they are ideal for smaller balconies. That way you can use the whole area under the canopy – for reclining chairs or a social gathering. With both models, the canopy can usually be turned or tilted around the pole to adjust it to the position of the sun. Canopies come in classic round models as well as squares and octagons to suit your individual taste.


5. Light and colours

With the right lighting, you can set just the right scene for an evening on your balcony. Strings of lights, paper lanterns, and outdoor candle holders create a pleasant mood. The colour scheme of the balcony should also be consistent with the mood you want. A mess of different colours disturbs the harmony that is so important for the balcony to be a place of rest and relaxation. A visually tidy balcony with harmonious colours is worth the effort, because matching decor will actually make it seem larger than it is. Carefully placed mirrors also make the space look bigger and brighter.


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