The fall forecast: Wild pattern combos, clean everyday looks.

Crisp  autumn weather is here, and so are the latest fashions. This year there’s plenty of room for individual tastes to unfold. Daring fashionistas will get their money’s worth, but so will those of you who prefer the clean look.


Decorative mixed patterns

Combining patterns was long seen as risky, if not a total fashion faux pas. But that’s all in the past. Today’s slogan could be “no guts, no glory”! Patterns are getting more artistic, more creative, and bolder, using ornamental, floral, and graphic elements. Brave fashion lovers are combining plaid with flowers, stripes and colour gradients with polka dots or stars.


How climate change is affecting fashion

Trend observers are already predicting an Indian Summer, and the big designers are adapting their autumn/winter collections accordingly. The traditional winter repertoire of thick coats, dark colours, and wool socks is passé – now we’re layering light fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen. Subtle, transparent, light as air.

      • Knirps Stick Umbrella C.760 Manual - Transparent


Trends come and go: plaid remains

Plaid is the ultimate evergreen pattern. Whether glen plaid, checked, or houndstooth, two colours or a rainbow, it’s hip to be square this autumn/winter season. The stores will be bursting with plaid this year – and it never goes out of style.

      • Knirps Pocket Umbrella T.050 Medium Manual - Uranus


Soft lines and subtle colours

Simplicity is perfection. This slogan sums up the resistance to the pattern-mixing trend. Elegant styles in muted colours team up with restrained patterns of fine lines and self-contained elements to provide clean everyday looks that are easy to wear.

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