Getting to grips with the weather.

There`s nothing we love to complain about more than the weather. Steady rain, cloudbursts, dry spells, and heat waves are all inexhaustible topics of conversation. They also influence our day-to-day behaviour. For most of us, looking at the weather forecast is part of our daily routine – we want to dress right for the weather and be prepared for any events (rainy ones, for example). But the signficance of a precise weather forecast goes way beyond our clothing choices.

The weather forecast is more important than you might think

In some areas of life, such as agriculture, the weather forecast has an impact on economic success because it determines the right time for planting, fertilizing, or harvesting. In the shipping and air travel sectors, the weather forecast can even make the difference between life and death. Information about cloud density and height, wind conditions and temperature progression are decisive for planning routes and flight safety. The shipping forecast is more concerned with air pressure, location of low-pressure areas, waves and possible storms.


The robust umbrella for windy autumn weather

When the weather changes again, a stable umbrella is required. Umbrellas of the premium line T.Series are not only handy, stable and long-lasting protectors against rain. This pocket umbrella is also a real highlight in terms of aesthetics and design selection.



How is the weather forecast determined?

Around the world, there are about 10,000 ground stations, 7,000 ships, 600 ocean buoys, 500 weather radar stations, 3,000 airplanes and countless satellites in space collecting weather data around the clock. They measure parameters such as wind direction and speed, air temperature and pressure, or the height of clouds. About 25,000 reports are registered per hour. Using large-capacity computers, meteorologists evaluate them in real time to keep their predictions up to date.

Accuracy of forecasts

Today, predictions for the coming week are about as accurate as predictions for the next day were 40 years ago. Forecasts for the next 24 hours are about 90% accurate and those for the next three days about 75%.

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