Playing with colours.

COLOURS accompany us throughout our lives. They make our world bright and lively. Without them, our life would be colourless in the truest sense of the word. It’s been scientifically proven that every colour has a different effect on our mood and wellbeing – it’s no coincidence that we say someone is “green with envy,” “seeing red,” or “in a black mood” to describe their emotions.
Harmonious colour schemes have long been an essential element of interior decorating. And colour effects are just as important for balconies and terraces; after all, they give you a chance to influence the atmosphere outside.


Warm and cold colours

Colour theory distinguishes between warm and cold colours. Yellow, orange and red are on the warm side and associated with positive feelings such as energy, love and happiness. They liven things up and create intimacy. Cold colours include blue, violet and green. They are relaxing and peaceful. They also create a feeling of distance and functionality, a cool atmosphere.
So if you want to make your balcony a place for socializing, warm colours are recommended. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for peace and relaxation on your balcony, go for cool blue and grey shades.


Effects of different colours


… stands for strength, courage and love, but also for danger, aggression and anger. Red doesn’t necessarily fit nicely into its surrounding – it needs to be used subtly, for example as an accent colour.



... looks cheerful and stimulating, and lifts the mood. However, don’t let this bright colour dominate your decor too much. An overabundance of yellow can make people feel ill at ease.



… is a natural mood lifter. It stands for joie de vivre, creativity, and power. At your home – whether inside or out – orange ensures a pleasant atmosphere that promotes cheerful togetherness.



… communicates peace, contentment, and harmony. At the same time, it inspires feelings of trust and security, although it also has a sense of distance and objectivity.



… combines red and blue, which makes it both warm and cold. It is a multilayered colour that awakens different associations depending on its nuances and goes perfectly with colours such as white and black.



… is associated with nature and freshness. It stands for a new start and hope. Green is perfect for balcony decorating because it is, after all, the most common colour in the plant world.



… is reticent, formal, upscale, and modern. It is the ideal colour for combinations. Dark shades of grey set off bright accent colours better, while pastel colours shine when combined with light grey.



… is a very natural colour that is associated with earth, wood, and clay. It inspires feelings of safety and warmth. However, too much brown quickly becomes dull in an outdoor setting.



… is an ambivalent colour. On one hand, it’s modern, luxurious, and elegant. On the other, it can seem depressing, unfriendly, and dangerous. Combined with light shades, it can be part of a good colour balance.



… stands for purity, clarity, and lightness. White fits perfectly into any atmosphere. On your balcony, it strikes an elegant note as a tablecloth, sunshade, or pillow.


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