Payment options

 prepayment / money transfer

Payment by prepayment / money transfer:

You will receive the payment information after the order is completed. Please remember alway to save or print out the order confirmation at the end of the payment process (thank-you-page) and indicate the corresponding purpose (12-digit no.). This is the only way to ensure that your order can be processed as quickly as possible. The transfer process lasts depending on the financial institutions usually 2-4 business days. The sooner you tranfer the amount, the faster we can deliver your order.

Please note that as of 01.02.2014 European money transfer will only be possible with IBAN and BIC. In the transfer form, you no longer have to specify the BLZ and the account no. of the recipient but instead the IBAN and BIC.

payment by Visa / Mastercard

Payment by credit card:

With payment by credit card your order will be processed quickly. Your credit card will be charged on the day of the order, Visa and Mastercard can be accepted. Ann SSL connection ensures the confidelity of your payment data. Your credit card details are not stored with us, only passed on to our certified payment service provider "Heidelpay" in encrypted form.

payment by PayPal

Payment by Paypal:

In addition to the credit card, PayPal also offers and allows you to pay safely, easily and quickly. An account with PayPal is free of charge for consumers and makes the process of transferring money faster. Your PayPal account will be charged directly with the corresponding amount and you will receive a payment confirmation by email.

payment by immediate transfer

Payment by immediate money transfer:

You can conveniently use your trusted online banking data and you are absolutely safe. Thanks to TÜV approved transaction security, the Knirps Online Shop can process your order faster than usual, so that you can look forward to a prompt delivery. The payment by immediate money transfer works like a common online transfer from your bank account.

Kauf auf Rechnung

Payment by invoice:

With this payment option - only possible within Germany and Austria - Knirps cooperates with an external service provider, which, if necessary, checks your data. For this reason, the following conditions should be considered. Only if you comply to this, the payment by invoice can be offered:

  • If you choose the option: payment by invoice - an address and credit check must be performed
  • Your invoice address and delivery address need to be the same
  • And you need to be registered at the invoice address (GER/AUT)


If you are not offered a specific payment option or due to unknown reasons fail, Knirps cannot make any manual changes. In this case, please choose a different method of payment. Thank you for your understanding, your Knirps Online Team.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask:

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