All you need is love - "Romance in the Rain"

There are many myths surrounding Valentine’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated on 14th of February. As with so many of our holidays, theories about its origins vary. The most popular origin story revolves around St. Valentine of Terni, whose dedication to love was his undoing. Bishop Valentine defied the will of the Roman state by performing marriages and giving the happy couples flowers from his own garden. Emperor Claudius was displeased by these ceremonies because what he needed for his army were young soldiers, not faithful husbands. So he had the poor Bishop beheaded on 14 February, 269.

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day was not invented by greedy florists and candy makers – although they certainly know how to milk it for all it’s worth. Every year, 200,000 million roses are cultivated just for Valentine’s Day! In Austria and Germany, flowers are the top gift according to 70 percent of besotted shoppers. But outings and activities are also among the favourites. Of course, couples can’t count on nice weather for the 14th of February. If Old Man Winter isn’t dumping snow on them, they might find themselves in the pouring rain during a romantic Valentine’s Day walk.

Knirps has just the thing to keep their love warm and dry: an extra-large umbrella for two from the series T.400 or S.770. Nestled together under a protective canopy, any pair of lovers can enjoy a stroll under the rain. Valentine’s Day is saved!

  • Knirps Stick Umbrella S.770 Long Automatic Black
  • Knirps Folding Umbrella T.400 Duomatic Solids
  • Knirps Stick Umbrella S.770 Long Automatic Men´s Prints
  • Knirps Folding Umbrella T.400 Duomatic Men´s Prints


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