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Christmas traditions all over the world

The smell of freshly baked cookies. The first snowflakes falling softly as feathers. The merry Christmas carols that remind us of carefree childhood days. Isn’t Advent lovely?
Every day you set off on a journey. What you always need are the most important things on the road. Bags of any design are therefore your favourite travel companions and an indispensable part of anyone’s wardrobe.

Getting to grips with the weather.

There’s nothing we love to complain about more than the weather. Impending rainfall, cloudbursts, periods of drought or heatwaves provide an inexhaustible topic of conversation and influence us day in and day out in our actions.
Crisp autumn weather is here, and so are the latest fashions. This year there’s plenty of room for individual tastes to unfold. Daring fashionistas will get their money’s worth, but so will those of you who prefer the clean look.

Playing with colours.

Colours accompany us throughout our lives. They make our world bright and lively. Without them, our life would be colourless in the truest sense of the word. It’s been scientifically proven that every colour has a different effect on our mood and wellbeing ...

Useful tips for pepping up your balcony, ...

... or extend your living space outside. Oh, how lovely it is to feel those rays of sunshine warming your skin. The mild breezes of a sunny day in May. Spring has finally come again, spreading warmth and joy!

Colorful & Funny - A Knirps in your Easter Basket

Easter traditions play a major role in Austrian culture. The date of Easter is determined by the moon. Easter weekend is always the weekend after the first full moon of spring, so the earliest possible date for Easter Sunday is 22 March and the latest is 25 April.

Welcome to the world of Knirps umbrellas!

The umbrella world of Knirps is an exciting place but it’s not always easy to understand the lingo. Here’s a little umbrella lexicon to shine some light on the specialist terms.

Motley Fools at Carnival Time

For millions of people around the world, the Carnival season is the most exciting time of year – a whirlwind of parties, costumed revelry, and pure joy. Here in Central Europe, we mark the official start of Carnival on 11 November at 11:11, because 11 is traditionally considered the fool’s number – and foolish behaviour is what Carnival is all about.

What to expect from this spring’s fashions

Here at Knirps headquarters in Austria, we’ve had one of the snowiest winters in memory. But soon the last few patches of snow will melt away and make room for signs of spring to sprout up from the earth in search of light, welcoming back the warm weather.

Umbrellas captured on canvas

The element of water has always been an inspiration for artists, driving them to create masterworks of art. As the elixir of life, it is one of the most popular motifs in art history and a favourite theme throughout the fine arts.

Christmas presents - ‘Tis the season ...

... to ask yourself, what would my nearest and dearest like for Christmas?! Sometimes the answer is obvious, but usually it’s not that easy to think of the right tip to give Santa. The gift should be something very special.
Even the most beautiful autumn must come to an end. Then it’s time to winter-proof your balcony. Once the cold sets in, that “little piece of the outdoors” you enjoyed so much last summer will become “the place you only look at from inside.”
Having trouble saying goodbye to summer's hot days, balmy nights and airy clothes? Don't worry – autumn means cool breezes, golden sunlight and fabulous fashion trends. Let's take a look at the runways:

Next city getaway - I`m going on a trip ...

... and bringing? Hmm, good question. You know the feeling – you're about to embark on your next trip, you stand there looking at your empty suitcase and don't know where to start.

Light summer meals, fresh from the grill

There`s nothing better on a hot summer day than a refreshing drink and a light, healthy dinner. Our three-course grill menu for eight is perfect for those days when the temperature soars and you feel like treating your palate to some delicacies—maybe for a holiday. Bon appétit!

Thunderstorms - fireworks in summer.

A radiant blue sky, no clouds in sight, lush green meadows, the cheerful twittering of birds, and temperatures that bring beads of sweat to your brow: that’s summer!
A summer without barbecue? No way! But you might get sick of the usual cutlets, steaks and burgers. Surprise your loved ones with this special barbecue menu.

Sun? Sure! But in moderation and with protection

City dwellers with no garden to call their own dream of having a sunny balcony. The space is limited, but it’s still your own little piece of the outdoors and deserves all the same love and care as a garden.
City dwellers with no garden to call their own dream of having a sunny balcony. The space is limited, but it’s still your own little piece of the outdoors and deserves all the same love and care as a garden.
Who can remember that? Vor einigen Jahren eroberte Color Blocking die Laufstege dieser Welt. In diesem Sommer kehrt der auffällige Modetrend zurück - und zwar überzeugen nicht nur ...

All you need is love - "Romance in the Rain"

There are many myths surrounding Valentine’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated on 14th of February. As with so many of our holidays, theories about its origins vary. The most popular origin story ...
Winter still has us in its icy grip, but soon the first signs of spring will start poking their heads out of the ground to welcome the season of April showers and May flowers. Then you know it‘s time ...