Knirps Stick Umbrella T.903 Automatic Black

  • sturdy shaft for outstanding durability
  • oversized canopy for two people
  • ergonomically shaped handle with push button

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The gentleman of the T.Series: the T.903 in classic black. Thanks to its large canopy it not... more
118 cm
93 cm
680 g
Extra Large
Knirps Stick Umbrella T.903 Automatic Black

The gentleman of the T.Series: the T.903 in classic black. Thanks to its large canopy it not only offers protection from wind and rain but also is the elegant final touch to any kind of outfit. The oversized canopy can be easily and one-handedly opened with the push of a button. This rain shelter for two can be easily closed with the large runner with rubber inlays.

Technical details

  • Convenient closing with large runner with rubber inlays
  • Intelligent material mix of steel and fiberglass increases flexibility
  • Extra strong joints in the ribs stabilize during harsh weather conditions
  • Material of umbrella: 100% polyester


  • Reliable long umbrella with automatic function
  • Sturdy steel shaft ensures durability
  • Comfortable handle with convenient push-button
  • Oversize canoy for 2 persons
  • 8 ribs; rounded safety tips
  • Including a black case for cover
Color: black
Pattern: unicolor
Opening mechanism: automatic
Diameter: 118 cm
Features: mit Kunststoffgriff, mit Rundhakengriff
Weight: 680 g
Size: Extra Large
Length: 93 cm
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