Knirps Stick Umbrella T.703 Automatic Gatsby

  • lightest stick automatic umbrella
  • a real classic with big canopy
  • canopy with stripe design

Color / Design

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You'll look like a million bucks carrying the great "Gatsby" umbrella, with its high-quality... more
105 cm
88 cm
510 g
Knirps Stick Umbrella T.703 Automatic Gatsby

You'll look like a million bucks carrying the great "Gatsby" umbrella, with its high-quality material and timeless elegance. Subtle pinstripes on a dark background decorate the canopy, which opens to an impressive 105 cm. The only spot of bright colour is the red dot on the clever opening mechanism. Enjoy the practicality of the T.703 series. No matter how hard it rains, this umbrella will keep you dry and dapper, old sport!

Technical details

  • Sure-grip runner for easier handling.
  • Fiberglass insert in the stable steel rib increases flexibility under load.
  • Ten-edged Knirps shaft to prevent twisting.
  • Material of umbrella: 100% polyester


  • lightest stick umbrella with automatic function
  • mid size canopy, 8 ribs
  • classic men`s stripe design
  • crook handle with big push button
Color: black
Pattern: unicolor, stripes
Opening mechanism: automatic
Diameter: 105 cm
Features: mit Rundhakengriff, mit Kunststoffgriff
Weight: 510 g
Size: Large
Length: 88 cm
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