Winterproof - Preparing your sunshade for winter: That`s how it works!

EVEN the most beautiful autumn must come to an end. Then it’s time to winter-proof your balcony. Once the cold sets in, that “little piece of the outdoors” you enjoyed so much last summer will become “the place you only look at from inside.” Don’t let it turn into an embarrassing mess – we’ve all seen the half-emptied flowerpots and outdoor furniture carelessly stacked in a corner – get your balcony in shape for winter! That way your furniture will stay in good condition and the plants you’ve carefully stored will brighten up your balcony again next summer. Your sunshade needs care, too, and here are our tips:

What to do with your sunshade?

Many balcony-lovers wonder about the best way to prepare their protective sunshade for winter – after all, you want it to stay in good shape for next season.

Here are four valuable tips for winter-proofing a sunshade:


1. Clean the canopy

A lot of dirt accumulates on a shade over the summer, including leaves, pollen, and insect droppings. So it makes sense to give the canopy a good cleaning before winter sets in. Brushing it with a soft brush is usually sufficient. If you do a thorough job, you’ll avoid ugly surprises, like dark spots, and your shade will look almost new.


2. Let dry thoroughly

Before bringing it in for the winter, you should expose the shade to plenty of sunshine so it can dry out. Even small amounts of moisture can cause mould to grow in the material. Slightly wet spots are an ideal place for spores to spread. And if the damp shade is stored in a warm place, mould is practically guaranteed. Dampness can also lead to unattractive stains. So make sure the shade is thoroughly dry before storing.


3. Roll up the material correctly

When it’s time to put the sunshade away, make sure to roll up the material carefully to avoid wear and tear.


4. Get the right protective cover

Lastly, the sunshade should be stored in an appropriate protective cover. This will protect it from dirt, moisture, and other damaging factors that could affect it over the long winter months. When purchasing a cover, make sure it is weather-resistant, strong, washable, and UV-protected. It should also allow air circulation inside so water does not condense on your sunshade.


With these four easy steps, you’ll be able to prepare your sunshade for problem-free winter storage. And when you pull it out again next spring, it can go straight into a fresh start!


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