Knirps Pocket Umbrella X1

  • Extrem light umbrella
  • Quick drying fabric
  • Hardcase inclusive

Color / Design

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94 cm
18 cm
280 g
Knirps X1  Pocket Umbrella - the smallest pattented umbrella of Knirps. This marvel... more
94 cm
18 cm
280 g
Knirps Pocket Umbrella X1

Knirps X1 Pocket Umbrella - the smallest pattented umbrella of Knirps.

This marvel of a pocket umbrella is not only classic uni colour, but also available in different design variations. Despite the medium canopy size of the small umbrella it has only 230 grams and fits perfectly in every lady's handbag. Matching the color of the design, there is a noble packaging. So the Knirps X1 folding umbrella even makes a perfect figure when closed.

Technical details

  • Weight-optimized material mix
  • Material of umbrella: 100% polyester
  • Mechanism for attaching the case to a belt
    loop or backpack, etc.
  • 12-point shaft for maximum torsional stability
    even in high winds


  • Lightweight and quick drying fabric
  • different colours and motives 
  • Smallest patented umbrella from Knirps
  • Mid-size canopy, 8 ribs
  • EVA-Etui with strap
Color: black
Pattern: design, check, dots, stripes
Opening mechanism: manual
Diameter: 94 cm
Features: with hardcase, with heat stamp
Weight: 280 g
Size: Small
Length: 18 cm
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