Christmas presents - ‘Tis the season ...

... TO ASK yourself, what would my nearest and dearest like for Christmas?! Sometimes the answer is obvious, but usually it’s not that easy to think of the right tip to give Santa. The gift should be something very special. Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. It should have a personal touch. And if it’s also useful, well – that couldn’t hurt, either.

Those are pretty high demands for the perfect present. But you can actually fulfil them all – with a personalised umbrella from Knirps. Everyone knows Knirps offers a huge selection of practical and fashionable rain accessories in many sizes, shapes, colours, and styles. But you might not know the best part: thanks to a range of custom finishing options and individual accents, Knirps umbrellas have the potential to make unique gifts.

For example, you can get the protective sleeve, umbrella canopy, or closure tab printed using a high-quality silkscreen printing process – on any of our models, in the colour of your choice!

So if you’re looking for the perfect, personal holiday gift, let Knirps look after you this year. You’ll love selecting customised umbrellas as much as they‘ll love opening them!


Clever Christmas elves plan ahead: It takes 4 – 5 weeks to deliver a custom umbrella. Get all the info and contact us via E-Mail.


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-Author: Alicja Neumiler
-Author: Marina Zezelina
-Author: Nina Buday
-Author: Barbara Dudzinska

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