Autumn Fashion Trends - When floral fashion meets glitter.

HAVING trouble saying goodbye to summer's hot days, balmy nights and airy clothes? Don't worry – autumn means cool breezes, golden sunlight and fabulous fashion trends. Let's take a look at the runways:

A real sea of colour

Just in time for all the international fashion shows, the colour institute Pantone publicizes this season's trendy hues. Bright, strong shades of purple, red, and yellow are in this autumn – count on them to banish those winter blues. Blue, brown, and grey shades are there to provide a calming effect.


A changing meadow of flowers

Floral prints are actually more typical for summer, but the current season shows they can also work beautifully for fall fashion. Whether it's big, impressive flowers or cute little buds doesn't matter. What's really important is the colour – the more muted and faded the colours, the more romantic, nostalgic and autumnal a floral pattern will look.


Try a little glitter

Targeted applications of glitter, reflective details, or futuristic hologram effects give your fall look that little extra something and make your outfit a real eyecatcher! For maximum wearability and everyday practicality, less is more – think of it as an accessory.


Lace: an all-time favourite

Lace is a true classic and never goes out of fashion. In colder seasons it combines perfectly with warm, wooly materials like velvet, knits, or brocade. And the lacy look has one big advantage: it flatters every clothing size and can make an outfit look elegant and sexy at the same time.


Go bold with patterns

Patterns bring your wardrobe to life – that's why you need them most in the gloomy months of winter. Playful polka dots are one trend you can't avoid this year. Stripes are especially varied for autumn 2018. Along with classic vertical and horizontal stripes, there are also criss-cross patterns. Last spring we saw that plaid is anything but passé, and this autumn the plaid style is still in high demand. With the elegant and lively paisley pattern, you'll stick out from the monochrome masses during the cold months of the year.


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-Author: Yurii Yarema

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