What to expect from this spring’s fashions

Here at Knirps headquarters in Austria, we’ve had one of the snowiest winters in memory. But soon the last few patches of snow will melt away and make room for signs of spring to sprout up from the earth in search of light, welcoming back the warm weather. That means it’s also time to make predictions for the coming fashion season:

Some like it bright ...

… so break out the colours! Along with turquoise, aquamarine and light green, dominant colours for fashion in summer 2019 will be lavender, red, pink, coral and yellow. Colour blocking is still on trend this year. Bold colour pairings such as red and violet are a sure way to stand out with style. The striped look is also colourful this year. On delicate fabrics and elegant dresses, with a twist or straight up – this summer designers will favour a wild mix of stripes.

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A look that varies within one colour family? Definitely in! You don’t have to be a pro to play with different colour nuances in gentle earth tones and elegant pastels, such as lime green, lemon yellow, or light blue. Hobby fashionistas can get the look with a few tips: flowing fabrics and soft materials are perfect for the tone-on-tone trend. Use accessories to set highlights.

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The gentle floral look

Versace made it famous in the eighties: intertwining decorations on silk scarves and dresses. In 2019, playful floral patterns are showing up on western-style blouses, volant miniskirts or voluminous maxi dresses – mostly as subtle heat-stamp designs.

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Dark mystic woods

Another print highlight of 2019 is dark botanicals: tropical prints blooming against a dark background colour instead of a white one. A black or dark blue background sets off the bold colours of flowers and leaves and really lets them shine forth in their full glory.

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