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What is the smallest Knirps umbrella?
The Knirps X1 with a folded size of 17,5cm/6.89in.

What is your lightest umbrella?
The Knirps T.050 is a particularly flat pocket umbrella and weighs only 193g/6.9oz – perfect for daily use and travelling.

Which Knirps umbrella is the sturdiest?
We aim to manufacture all of our umbrellas with a robust design. They are tested during the development phase in a special wind tunnel in independent institutions. Additionally, test laboratories have proved that our umbrellas distinguish themselves by an above-average level of stability when exposed to high winds.

You are looking for a stick umbrella with extremely easy handling that can be opened and closed with little effort?
For women, we offer the Long Automatic umbrella or the T.703, which is available year round in many attractive designs. For men, we recommend the Extra Long Automatic, the T.900 and the T.903 – from stylish and chic to classy and elegant.

Why is a Knirps umbrella more expensive than other umbrellas?
Knirps is the only brand worldwide focusing solely on umbrellas. For more than 85 years, Knirps has been focusing on the advancement and improvement of umbrellas. Knirps uses high quality materials like aircraft aluminum or carbon elements, which are used in motorsports as well. Thanks to quality workmanship you will enjoy your Knirps rain umbrella or sun shade for years to come.

Do Knirps sun shades offer UV protection?
All of the Knirps premium sun shades offer highest UV protection (80-100) and are available in various color designs and different sizes.

How do I find a specific item in the Knirps Online Shop?
To the right of the page, next to the magnifying glass you see the word “Search”. Please click on “Search” and the search field will open up underneath. Now you can enter a search term, i.e. “T.200”, “Duomatic”, “Knirps X1” or “Oasis Sun Shade”. You can also enter an item number in the search field. Now you can either press enter or click on the magnifying glass to conduct the search.

How safe is it to order from the Knirps Online Shop?
If you order a rain umbrella or sun shade from the official Knirps Online Shop you are on the safe side and you will receive a 100% authentic brand product. Our payment providers (PayPal, credit card, instant transfer, purchase on account) guarantee highest security and transfer data with modern encryption technology (SSL).

When will I receive an order confirmation?
As soon as you successfully placed your order, you can relax, lean back and look forward to your Knirps umbrella. You will receive an automated order confirmation mail. If you don’t receive one, please check your spam folder. If you can’t find the email there either, please contact the Knirps Online Shop team.

Do I have to sign up or register to order?
No, you do not need an customer account to place an order. You can order as a guest, only entering your first and last name, your billing and delivery address, as well as your phone no. and email address for delivery. Please make sure to check the box at: “Do not create a customer account”.


Something went wrong with my online payment. What do I do?
If you think your payment did not go through, you can check the confirmation order you receive after placing your order. This email will show if your order was successful and if you paid online or if you still have to pay. Also, our customer service team can check if your order was placed correctly and payment went through or not.

How and where can I redeem my gift certificate?
After you found the desired item and selected it by clicking “Add to my cart”, you can redeem your gift certificate during the check out process. Please go to “Redeem Gift Certificate” and enter your code in the according box. Confirm with pushing “Enter” or click on the red field with the white arrow. The amount will automatically be deducted from the total amount.

How long does shipping take?
You can find the delivery times on the item site, as soon as you have selected the model/design/color of the item. Thedelivery times are mainly based on shipping in Germany and Austria. Exception: items (sun shades and equipment) that are delivered by transport company or truck. In this case we contact the customer by phone to set up a date of delivery. Therefore, if you order a sun shade or equipment for the sun shade, make sure you enter your phone number so we may contact you. Please be advised that the agreed-upon date is binding. Should you not be there to receive your item(s) at the agreed-upon date and the item(s) need to be delivered with a second delivery there will be a € 50 additional fee. For more information, please see our shipping information.

Can I change my order?
During the ordering process you may change your order at any time. As soon as the order has shipped, though, it can only be canceled.

What does “wind tunnel tested” mean?
All Knirps umbrellas are technologically advanced to minimize the risk of wind damage. Therefore, our umbrella frames have added flexibility to reduce the stress on the ribs. Please click here to see our “wind tunnel testing” video.

What does „flip resistant“ mean?
The majority of our umbrellas are constructed to withstand inversion (the umbrella being turned inside out). They can, however, should it happen, easily be folded back by closing the umbrella. This is a safety mechanism to avoid breaking the ribs.

My umbrella was damaged by strong winds. Is this covered by your warranty?
Even though we aim to construct absolutely reliable umbrellas made of robust, high-quality materials, damages from normal wear and tear or high wind are not covered by our warranty.

Can you repair my Knirps umbrella?
Yes. If you have ordered your umbrella from the Original Knirps Online Shop, we offer this option. Please contact us or send us an email containing information on the model, i.e. Knirps X1, a photo of the damaged area, as well as a photo of the handle. You can also contact your authorized dealer. Additionally, we offer repairs in some of our partner countries.

How do I best care for my umbrella?
In order for your Knirps umbrella to be a trusty companion offering protection for many years, it should be fully opened for complete drying after each use. Once it is dry, close/fold it and close the band, but not too tight. If you need to clean your umbrella, use a soft cloth moistened with plain water as cleaning products may destroy the waterproof coating.

*If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or our contact form.


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