Summertime: grill and chill – enjoy the barbecue season.

A summer without barbecue? No way! But you might get sick of the usual cutlets, steaks and burgers. Surprise your loved ones with this special barbecue menu (recipes for about 8 people):

Lemongrass skewers with prawns and scallops

  • 48 prawns, peeled
  • 16 ready-to-cook scallops
  • 8 stalks of lemongrass, halved lengthwise and trimmed to a point at the ends
  • spiced with alt and pepper



Stick three prawns and one scallop on each lemongrass stalk. Season with salt and pepper and grill on both sides for a total of about four minutes.


Crunchy Thai salad with Thai dressing
Ingredients (amounts to taste):

  • Soybean sprouts
  • Green and red bell peppers
  • Green or red chili peppers
  • Baby spinach
  • Rocket
  • Spring onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Chinese or savoy cabbage
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Coriander leaves
  • Cashews or sesame seeds



Slice peppers, spring onions, cucumber and Chinese or savoy cabbage into thin strips. Mix, marinate in Thai dressing, and garnish with lightly roasted cashews or sesame seeds.

Ingredients for Thai dressing:

  • 4 Tbs freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 3 Tbs olive oil
  • 1 Tbs sesame oil
  • 1 Tbs soy sauce
  • 1 big pinch of brown sugar
  • 1 Tbs finely chopped, peeled fresh ginger
  • ½ garlic clove, thinly sliced
  • 1 fresh red chili pepper, cut into thin strips
  • 1 large handful of fresh coriander leaves and chopped basil


Grilled fruits with ginger and vanilla

  • 2 Packages of banana leaves (available in Asian specialty stores)
  • 8 Baby bananas
  • 4 Peaches
  • 400 g cherries
  • 2-3 Vanilla beans
  • 8 thin, peeled slices of ginger
  • 8 tsp acacia honey
  • Toothpicks
  • Vanilla ice cream



Pre-heat oven to 100°C (about 200°F). Divide the banana leaves into eight rectangles of about 20x35cm, then put them in the oven one after another for a short time, where they will turn bright green. Fold each one into a little packet. Double up the ends so nothing runs out. Peel bananas and cut into two cm thick slices. Wash peaches, remove pits and cut into quarters. Wash cherries and remove pits. Cut vanilla beans into pieces about three cm long and slice lengthwise. Now fill the packets with equal amounts of fruit mixture. Add a slice of ginger and a piece of vanilla bean to each one. Drizzle each one with a teaspoon of honey and close tightly with toothpicks. Grill both sides for a total of about 8 minutes. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

These flavorful delicacies will make your next barbecue party one to remember. Enjoy!

source of image:

-Author: Arina P. Habich
-Author: Natasha Breen
-Author: Oksana Mizina
-Author: Pasko Maxim
-Author: Simon Kadula
-Author: oneinchpunch
-Author: stockcreation

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