Colorful & Funny - A Knirps in your Easter Basket

Easter traditions play a major role - after all, Easter is the most important Christian holiday. Christians all over the world spend Holy Week and Easter commemorating the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is preceded by forty days of fasting. The date of Easter is determined by the moon. Easter weekend is always the weekend after the first full moon of spring, so the earliest possible date for Easter Sunday is 22 March and the latest is 25 April.


Why does a bunny bring us Easter eggs?

There are many myths around the fact that an egg-carrying rabbit somehow came to symbolize the Christian holiday of Easter. What’s certain is that the egg has been a symbol of new life and fertility for thousands of years. Rabbits, once known as the companions of the fertility goddess Ostara, are associated with fertility because of their prolific springtime breeding. Over many centuries, the Easter Bunny was woven into the Christian Easter story and mythology. Eggs go way back to the first Christians as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection: the broken eggshell was said to represent the grave. The tradition of handing out Easter eggs presumably goes back to medieval customs such as paying rent in eggs to feudal landholders around Easter time, and giving eggs laid on Maundy Thursday as gifts because they were considered blessed  - in Austria these are known as “Antlasseier” (Eggs for Maundy Thursday). The colours of the eggs also played a special role: at first they were dyed only red as a reminder of the sufferings of Christ, who shed his blood for the salvation of the world. With time, decorations became more elaborate. White stands for purity, yellow for enlightenment, orange for power, perseverance and warmth, and green for youth and innocence.


Small enough for an Easter basket

Easter isn’t a big gift-giving holiday, but most of your family and friends would be happy to get a little something anyway. The X1 folding umbrella from Knirps is small in size but a heavyweight when it comes to performance. The smallest member of the Knirps family, it comes in an elegant case that fits perfectly into an Easter basket. Pop it open and you’ll have effective – and stylish – protection from the rain.

  • Knirps Stick Umbrellas Automatic T.703 - ID Stripe
  • Knirps Stick Umbrella Automatic T.703 - Grace
  • Knirps Stick Umbrella Automatic T.703 - Kelly


  • Knirps Pocket Umbrella T.010 Manual - Stripe
  • Knirps Pocket Umbrella T.200 Duomatic - Grace
  • Knirps Pocket Umbrella T.200 Duomatic - Kelly


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