Functional Bags from Knirps - an absolute must-have

Every day you set off on a journey. What you always need are the most important things on the road. Bags of any design are therefore your favourite travel companions and an indispensable part of anyone’s wardrobe. Their origins go back to the 16th century, when handbags were still purely utilitarian objects. It was only much later (in the 1920s) that a real cult developed around these functional bags.

An indispensable “it” piece

There’s no doubt handbags score points for practicality and functionality. And of course the design and materials are also important. Handbags are considered an indispensable “it” piece today for a reason: they come in all possible shapes, sizes, colours, and designs to fit different occasions and uses. If you’re in search of the perfect bag for work, going to class, or a shopping spree, check out our Knirps umbrella models „Shopper Bag“ and „Crossover Bag“.


The Knirps Shopper Bag ...

... offers plenty of storage space – 15 litres, to be precise. Like our smaller version, the Crossover Bag, this bag is made of waterproof material and has a special umbrella storage section that locks in moisture. Your wet Knirps umbrella can go in there, but so can any other wet object you may have, like a water bottle. Meanwhile, everything else in your bag stays dry. When you get home, just turn the umbrella section inside out so it can dry before the next use. Our smart Shopper Bag is available in black with reflective stripes, or mottled grey.


The Knirps Crossover Bag ...

... can go everywhere with you, during your workday or free time. It’s a practical shoulder-strap bag with 3 litres of space — enough for your day-to-day supplies, which will stay safe and dry thanks to our waterproof materials. Inside, the bag has a classic, functional look with a minimalistic design that perfectly complements the outside. Like the bigger Knirps Shopper Bag, the Crossover Bag has a waterproof umbrella section and comes in either mottled grey or black with reflective stripes.


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